Caruthedathu Family

Summary of Family History

Mr. C P Oommen of Caruthedathu Puthoor branch and Mr. C G George of Caruthedathu Ambanattu branch collected valuable data from different sources and have left a manuscript consisting of 38 pages of closely written data written in 1980. The following few pages are a summary of the record left by them.

Puthiacaru church was first built in the year 1490 and proof exists that Kallarackal Family existed at that time. Two other families with the same name Kallarackal are known to have existed - one at Kanjirappally and the other at Kuruppumpadi. It is believed that all these three families have the same root and got dispersed after Koonan Kurisu Satyam. Vadakethalackal and Kallarackal were two prominent families of Thazhakkara in the olden days.

There were two branches in the Kallarackal family, Kallarackal and Peedikayil. The latter was originated by the elder brother while the younger brother stayed on, at the family house at Kallarackal. The elder brother had only one son and he was the famous Peedikayil Valia Achan Koshy Kathanar. Koshy Kathanar and Vadakethalackal Valia Achan were Vicars of Puthikavu Palli. Peedikayil Kochachan, Stephans Kathanar was the son of Koshy Kathanar. Stephanos Kathanar was a great scholar and an Orator, but unfortunately he quarreled with Chathuruthy Thirumeni. Thereafter he started the Marthoma Church at Mavelikara and when he died he was buried inside the Marthoma Church.

The younger brother who stayed on at Kallarackal had only one daughter and she was married to a person from Kilannmannil family of Pandalam and this ancestor came over and stayed at Kallarackal. They had 3 sons. The eldest married from Thekeveettil family of Thumpamon. The second son became a great scholar and he was known as Thomas Moopan. His name is mentioned in the writings of Bishop Buchanan of the Anglican Church. His works including a translation of the Epistle according to St. Mathew and other records relating to Christian philosophy and Ayurveda and a collection of Thali Ola were finally deposited in the Caruthedathu family house. These records were reported to have been lost when the ownership of the family house fell into other hands. Thomas Moopan married from a rich family at Kottarakkara, but his wife died before giving birth to any children.

The eldest brother who married from Thekeveettil family of Thumpamon had 3 sons in this marriage. The lady died after the third son was born. He married again and children of the second marriage are ancestors of Kallarackal family. The three sons of the first marriage spent their childhood days at their mother's house at Thumpamon. Later on they came back to Mavelikara. The eldest of the three brothers was Geevarghese. He managed to get a job as Writer in the Mavelikara court. As a writer in the court he acquired the name Geearghese Pillai and was later known only by that name. The second brother Koshy purchased land at Cherukol and stayed there. He started the Chempakasseril family. Kuttathikkattil family are descendants of this ancestor. The third brother became a priest and continued to stay at Thumpamon.

Geevarghese Pillai was smart and intelligent. One day the Karanavar of Moothedathu family of Karazhma got the help of Geevarghese Pillai to get something done in Mavelikara court. The Karanavar was pleased with the smart young man and rewarded him with a piece of land at Karazhma. Gheevarghese Pillai built a small house in that plot and started living there. He married from Thevalakkara Mappila Veettil. Geevarghese Pillai started the Caruthedathu Family. Geevarghese Pillai became a Gumastha at the Sardar Court at Mavelikara. This was around 1820 and at that time Thevalakkara Thengumvilayil Ommummen was judge of the Sardar Court at Mavelikara. With his help Geevarghese Pillai got promoted as a Sub Registrar.

Geevarghese Pillai was closely associated with the administration of Puthiakavu Church and used ike his only son also along to the church. One day Oommummen Judge happened to see the in the church and took a liking for him. The judge was a believer in palmistry and lakshanam nd after reading the boy's palm decided to make him his son-in-law. Geevarghese Pillai refused to accede to the Judge's request as he felt that the marriage might not work due to the great disparity in wealth between the two families. Other members of Thengumvilayil family were also against the alliance. Tit judge persisted with the proposal and Geevarghese Pillai finally gave in Because his house was too small, Geevarghese Pillai did not bring his daughter-in-law to Mavelikara after the marriage.

Geevarghese Pillai now started to acquire more wealth. He acquired land and built an "Ettukettu' at the place where Caruthedathu house is now located. After the house was completed, Geevarghese Pillai brought his daughter-in-law to the new house. The judge sent his sword also along to assure Geevarghese Pillai his full support against other members of Thengumvilayil family who were against the alliance. Gee varghese Pillai continued to acquire more land.

Meanwhile Kallarackal family was in deep trouble. When Geevarghese Pillai's father died, the creditors did not allow the body to be removed until Geevarghese Pilla cleared all debts. In return all movable items in Kallarackal house were given to Caruthedathu. The downfall of Kallarackal family was during the time of Mathoo Tharakan. Valia Mar Deevanasyos Bishop was put to considerable trouble by him. Vadkethalackal Achan and Peedikayil Achan were vicars of Puthikavu church at that time. Mathoo Tharakan demanded money from Peedikayil Achan and since he could not give the money, Kallarackal property was auctioned and nothing was left. Vadakethalackal Achan managed to get some money and paid off Mathoo Tharakan and thus avoided further trouble. Touched by the sufferings the Kallrackal family had to undergo for the sake of the church, Valia Mar Deevanasyos Bishop arranged the marriage of Thomas Moopan with a girl from the rich Mani Kettia Veedu of Kottarakkara. Life of Thomas Moopan is explained earlier in the report.

Geevarghese Pillai had only one son - Philipose. With the influence of his father-in-law, Thengumvilayil Judge, he got the job of 'Oor Kanakku' at a very young age. Being very smart and intelligent, he got promoted to 'Muthalu Pidi' very soon. He was a great scholar and used to conduct classes in the house. However he had a series of misfortunes in his life. He had 4 sons and 2 daughters. Out of this, 2 sons were drowned in the well of the house. This well still lies unused and a second well was dug. His eldest daughter was given in marriage to the 'Valia Achan' of Puthenpurayil branch of Vadakethalackal family. This lady died in a silly accident soon after marriage. The eldest son married the eldest daughter of Pulimoottil Vanchiyil Achan, son of the elder brother of Cheppattu Mar Deevanasyos Bishop. While his wife was pregnant, he died by drowning in the river. A girl child was born after his death and this child was Puthumadhothil Ammachy. Thus during his life time Philipose Geevarghese had to suffer the great sorrow of loosing 4 of his 6 children due to accidents

The second daughter of Philipose Geevarghese was married to Punnouse of Thiruvalla Kovoor family - the elder brother of the famous Kovoor Achan. There used to be very close association between the two families after this marriage. 

Philipose Geevarghese died at the early age of 56 and was buried at the Puthiakavu church. Oommen Philipose was the only remaining son of Philipose Geevarghese. He was sent to Thiruvananthapuram for higher studies, but had to retur before completing the course due to the carly death of his father. Oommen Philipose married from Palamoottil branch of Kuttisseril family of Mavelikara in the year 1854. Their marriage took place as the first marriage ceremony in the newly constructed Thazhakkara Puthen Palli. Oommen Philipose conducted business in wood and started a Bank and a Chit fund. He amassed more land and wealth and constructed a two storeyed building after dismantling the 'Ettukettu' made by Geevarghese Pillai.

Oommen Philipose had 4 son and 4 daughters. The eldest daughter Mariamma was married to Mathachan of Pallickal Thakadyel Pulinthanathu family. The lady died after giving birth to a son (Pallickal Achayan). After the death of his mother this boy stayed at Caruthedathu house and studied up to Matriculation. Thereafter he moved over to Pallickal. The second daughter Achiamma was married to Cheriankunju Muthalali of Kaipattoor Therakathu family. They had only one son. Third daughter was married to K C Eapen of Thayyil Kandathil family of Niranam. K C Eapen was teaching at the MGM high school Thiruvalla at that time. Later he started Travencore National Bank and was manage of the in ventrall sa chat time a tater he started cared the displeasure of Sir C P Rama Swamy [yer, Divan Of Iravancore. Hansaw ouT hat the bank collapsed and K C Eapen and others were put in jail. He became sick and died. Kunjandamma died in 1978. The fourth daughter Accamma was married to George M Eapen son of the famous Father George Mathen of Medayil Puthenkavu.

The eldest of the four sons of Oommen Philipose was Geevarghese Oommen. He continued the family business activities and married Mariamma of Pullipadavil family of Veeyapuram. He moved over to Ambanattu and started the Ambanattu branch of Caruthedathu family Geevarghese died in the year 1936 and Mariamma 32 years later in 1968. The second son C O Mathai got the job of 'Muthalupid and continued as such till his retirement from service. He married Annamma daughter of Joseph Vakil of Mepral Kanianthara family. Mathai moved over to Koduvelil and started the Koduvelil branch of Caruthedathu family. Annamma died in 1940 and Mathai in 1944. The third son C O Philip along with his cousin Puthumachothil K I Verghese started CPPV Bank and did banking business. This bank later became Kerala Bank He moved over to Puthoor and started the Puthoor branch of Caruthedathu family. He married Chinnamma daughter of Mathew (Municiph) of Kuzhithattil family. He died at the age of 72 and was buried at the St Mary's Church, Karazhma. Chinnamma died later in the year 1958 and was also buried in the Karazhma St. Mary's Church. The fourth son CO Oommen was the youngest in the family. He married Aliamma of Nallanickal family of Kumarakom. He continued to stay at the Caruthedathu family house. He constructed the Karazhma St. Mary's Church and also purchased land for the cemetry adjacent to the church. The church and cemetery were later handed over to the Church authorities. CO Oommen had only 3 daughters. The family house was inherited by his third daughter Babykutty. She and her husband K C Alexander and children decided to live in Thiruvanthapuram. The family house was lying unoccupied for some time and was later sold.

The family tree described in the preceding pages was taken from the elaborate 38 page closely written manuscript prepared by the joint effort of Mr. C G George of Ambanattu branch and Mr.C P Oommen of Puthor branch. The report contains many related details and events and the close relationship maintained by our ancestors in the affairs of the Puthiacava church. The original report is safely kept.

Caruthedathu House

A two-century-old house, steeped in history, stands as a silent witness to generations past. Its weathered frontage holds tales of life's ebb and flow, echoing with whispers of past eras. A living time capsule, this respected home bridges the gap between antiquity and the present, embodying the essence of time itself. 

This is a two storeyed building, built by Oommen Philipose son of Philipose Geevarghese.

Caruthedathu Puthoor House

Caruthedathu Puthoor 

 The third son C O Philip along with his cousin Puthumachothil K I Verghese started CPPV Bank and did banking business. This bank later became Kerala Bank He moved over to Puthoor and started the Puthoor branch of Caruthedathu family. He married Chinnamma daughter of Mathew (Municiph) of Kuzhithattil family. He died at the age of 72 and was buried at the St Mary's Church, Karazhma. Chinnamma died later in the year 1958 and was also buried in the Karazhma St. Mary's Church.